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Spectrum expansion

Posted: Mon Jun 10, 2019 5:11 pm
by Admin
Looking for an expansion card for the ZX81 I found some gerber design files created by Steve Smith on

Almost what I wanted so I checked out the cost of getting the PCBs made, (), and it came to next to nothing. 10xmain boards and 20xedge adapters cost 20.00. 2-4 day delivery is a bit expensive at around 16.00, about 7.00 import duty means they would have cost under 4.50 each. The first order also gave a 15.00 discount so even cheaper.

The company advised all the way through creation and delivery was just under a week as I ordered over a bank holiday.

Design and build are excellent. They dont work for the ZX81 as there is an earth trace at position 14 on the bottom side. Maybe it will be possible to bypass this. For the Spectrum, they are great. Very little wobble. A separate power supply can be used if needed and I can add up to 6 addons.
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