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Smart Card

Post by Admin » Mon Jun 10, 2019 5:38 pm

Looking for a modern method of loading and saving with the Speccy, I have tried a number of different cards, which I will review in due course. The jewel in the crown though is the Smart Card made by the owner of

I think I paid around 20.00 for mine a number of years ago. At the time it could load .SNA files with .TAP support just being developed. It has a Kempston compatible joystick port, uses FAT formatted SD cards and allows 16 x 16K ROM images to be loaded. The first ROM slot is used for the the device firmware, the second for a diagnostic ROM, the third for a menu based loader.

I use other slots to load different flavours of the Spectrum ROM such as Geoff Wearmouths GW ROM with lots of extra features and bug fixes.

Since purchase, the firmware and software have continued to be developed. I can now interrupt a game and save the position as a SNA file. Longfilenames are supported, enter POKEs, save the "tape" position for multiload games etc. Every .TAP I tried loaded perfectly. The only downside is that it just supports 16/48k games.

The diagnostics ROM is very good with memory, ULA, ROM, keyboard tests and more.


At £27.99 now for V2 its still great value. Full Information here...

The site also sells ZX81, Spectrum and Commodore spares. Prices are low and postage sensible. I've bought from here over a number of years and delivery is next day or the day after.

Oh and there are troubleshooting and help pages too. Well worth a visit.

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Re: Smart Card

Post by Admin » Fri Jun 14, 2019 4:44 pm

Its possible to run different ROMs with the Smart Card. These can be games or alternative ROMs, but like the IF2 they are limited to 16K

Paul farrow at ... ridges.htm designs Spectrum addon cards, the most famous being the Chroma and Spectra interfaces. He also has various ROM cards which range from the basic 16K loader to one that can handle larger ROMs and has a 4 M Flash ROM.

Also on the site is lots of useful Sinclair information and a ton of ROMs. I downloaded some ZX80 and 81 ROMs which will run on my 128K Speccy.

So far I have got the ROM running and ran a short program. Next step is to try loading from tape (I'll use a ZXDuino for reliability).

I start with my cut down Spectrum +2
Zx81-1.jpg (90.26 KiB) Viewed 410 times
Load the emulator and take the 16K option
Zx81-2.jpg (60.11 KiB) Viewed 410 times
Quickly type a short program to display the character set
Zx81-3.jpg (55.83 KiB) Viewed 410 times
Press run...
Zx81-4.jpg (100.73 KiB) Viewed 410 times

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